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Why blog? Why chronicle at all?

1. Words capture.
2. Words explain.
3. Words reframe.

I’ve heard somewhere that “we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” This blog is purely my own experience, yet I’m putting it out there in the world for others to see so that hopefully they, too, may find some measure of meaning or insight, filtered through the lens of their own experiences.

I don’t speak on behalf of Teach For America or any other group/entity. This is just me, a 2013 Corps Member, writing my experiences the best way I know how.

The issues Teach For Us chronicles, every single day, are complicated and nuanced and just plain frustrating sometimes. Educational inequality can never be fully captured, nor would I ever imply that I could come close. For every opinion there is a differing opinion, for every new study there is an even newer one with contradictory findings. There are so many perspectives and viewpoints. And mine is just one.

And you know what? That’s okay with me. Anecdotal evidence is not true evidence, and though I’ve always harbored dreams of going into academia, for right now my ability/time/capacity to conduct good research, scientifically rigorous stuff, is pretty limited. So please take this for what it is – a travelogue of sorts, nothing more, nothing less.


A dialogue is made of many voices. Here’s mine.

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