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Sep 01 2014

it’s official: I’m teaching a third year

Just turned down a $75k/year job offer to teach a third year because I love what I do and I’m not finished yet.

I once heard a clip of a commencement speech, delivered at MIT a few years ago by one of the founders of Dropbox. He talked about the idea of the tennis ball. and how we all need to find our own personal tennis ball.

Think about a dog chasing a tennis ball. He is single-minded. Tenacious. He’s excited and he won’t quit til he makes it happen.

The MIT guy said that we all need to find that one thing that speeds up our hearts and makes us feel alive. For me, it’s teaching, and education, and maybe a position in instructional leadership. I’d be a fool to walk away from that.


God’s calling for you is where your heart’s deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

I’m sold. Maybe someday I’ll become an instructional coach or a dean of instruction or a director of academics or maybe I’ll stay a teacher forever, but for now, I feel at peace.

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