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Nov 18 2013

the “Catch an Immigrant” game

Rarely do I post when I’m angry; this is an exception I’m willing to make. I’m sure many of you by now have heard of the deplorable, racist, bigoted “game” hosted by the Young Conservatives group at the University of Texas at Austin on Wednesday. Here’s a brief synopsis from the group themselves:

YCT will be having a “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” event this upcoming Wednesday. The details of the game goes as follows:

There will be several people walking around the UT campus with the label “illegal immigrant” on their clothing. Any UT student who catches one of these “illegal immigrants” and brings them back to our table will receive a $25 gift card. 

The purpose of this event is to spark a campus-wide discussion about the issue of illegal immigration, and how it affects our everyday lives.”


what. the. hell. I have NO words to describe how incensed I am that this is happening, on a campus I visited with my kids just last week, in a state where UT Austin is held up as the premier public institution/flagship campus. In a world where my kids face so many obstacles on their climb to/through college. In a world where to this day there are people who think my kids somehow are less deserving and should therefore be less rewarded just because of the way they look.


I’m ashamed to be from Texas. I’m ashamed to be among a generation of people who think things like this are acceptable, much less a good idea.

I’m ashamed that God forbid, someday, I will have to face my kids and tell them that something like this happened.


Seriously. What are we even doing.

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